Hobo With a Shotgun is one of the fake film trailers featured in the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature Grindhouse (although, who knows whether any or all of them might be made into real silver screen products). Different trailers were rotated into different showings of the film, so the Hobo With a Shotgun trailer was seen mostly in Canada.

This sounds like one of those truly great films (e.g. Snakes on a Plane) which gives you exactly what the title says it's going to: "The streets gave birth to a stray dog who is now fed up" -- backed by a raspy disco beat, said Hobo acquires said shotgun and proceeds to pump lead into store-robbing thugs, dirty cops (and, as the police chief rumbles, "we're all dirty!"), and various other lowlifes and miscreants, ending up with a price on his head. There's some real nastiness in this trailer, things that would normally not be seen in one, like teeth getting knocked out with a chisel, and numerous shotgun-induced head explosions. Also, the store-robbing thugs (wearing ski masks and holding a machete to the throat of a hostage) seem to have a strange M.O., threatening to kill the hostage to get the money from the lone clerk (why not just threaten the clerk? Oh well, they do that too).

And, as it turns out, the fake trailer was not directed by Tarantino or Rodriguez, but was the winning entry in a Rodriguez-sponsored fake trailer contest, in connection with the South by Southwest festival. It was made by three Canadian filmmakers (hence the Canada showings), and surely seems to be the kind of thing that will give them a well-deserved career boost.


And' to update the situation, some years later an actual film based on this trailer was indeed made and released in theatres, in much the same insane vein as Machete, another film springing from a fake Grindhouse trailer.

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