1993 Hong Kong film that defies any idea of a movie I have ever seen. Truly bizarre, Holy Weapon could easily be called Holy Shit! I watched this for the first time at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. After the movie, the audience looked around dumbfounded as if we had seen an alien.

The plot revolves around the Japanese Super Sword ripping through China, and the country needs to stop it. Mo Kake defeats it in the beginning by taking "the world's greatest drugs," but Super Sword vowes revenge in seven years. Cut to seven years later, Mo Kake is fried from the drugs taken years ago. So to defeat the return of Super Sword seven virgins must be assembled and taught the way of the Holy Weapon. The movie takes a weird twist with gathering the virgins and all of their love interests. Essentially, it boils down to fight between Super Sword and the seven virgins. Although the plot seems simple, it is not that easy to follow. With the plot in mind, Holy Weapon displays:

Holy Weapon is a perfect film to show the crazier side of Hong Kong cinema. After viewing, I rented it and showed to several of my friends. Everyone said it was really weird, but really cool. It was written and directed by Jing Wong.

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