I had been checking her out all day long. Her sleek case and top of the line features were driving me insane. Finally I couldn’t resist any longer. As soon as all the kids were done playing with her various input devices I decided to do the job right and show her a whole new world. I casually strolled over to her, and immediately began caressing her every inch.

     I unzipped my bag and took out my huge 3.5 by 3.5 disk. I thought I heard her gasp as it shimmered in the bright classroom lighting. As I slipped my big black disk into her tight A drive, I played with her compact disc insertion portal. In and out, the cd drive was so smooth. I kept thrusting my disk deeper and deeper, until finally her button popped out. I knew I had done the right thing when I heard her beep with pleasure.

     For what seemed like hours my disk and her A drive were like one. It was perfect harmony. My disk fit perfectly in her drive. We both knew, this is what we were designed to do. She moaned as I gently played with her delicate cd drive. I could feel her processor cycling quicker and quicker as I did all the right things.

     Then I felt it coming, she had manipulated my disk in just the right way, the bytes from my disk shot out into her main circuitry. We both buzzed with pure ecstasy. With just a few soft key presses with my careful fingers, her big blazing eyes began to glow. I could tell she was having the time of her life. Data rolled to the back of both our heads. I could tell that she really wanted these bytes in her. I kept my disk in her until I was thoroughly satisfied and all my processes were complete.

< p align="center" >Finally I had become a real man. I had successfully installed Wolfenstein 3D!

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