I don't have kids.
I'm not married.
I've never gotten pregnant, had an abortion, or given a baby up for adoption.
I've never been in jail or on welfare.
I've yet to stay a night in a hospital or break a single bone.
I've never had a close friend or relative die.
No one I've known has committed suicide, overdosed, or both.
I've never been raped, mugged, assaulted, or had my life threatened.
I've never had to strike anyone out of defense or fire a gun.
I've never left the US, or even been on the West Coast.

It is hard for me to care, or to be moved when the tragedy strikes those around me. It is not that I am unable to care, but in many ways I cannot relate. Having things happen to you first hand is not a prerequisite for showing sympathy towards someone dealing with a direct hit of loss and despair.

I can be a very good friend, when I let myself love and be loved. And when I love them, it's for keeps. If I can't love them for keeps, I cut them loose. This may be unkind, and I may be insensitive. Even though I don't know anything, and nothing seems to have happened to me, people insist on including me in their lives and asking my opinion. Odd that.

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