Billy Joel is frequently said to have struggled with bipolar disorder, and this song's analysts have often considered the lyrics reflective of his feelings about the illness.


(1) I have not found any information to indicate whether Billy Joel has publicly declared himself a diagnosed bipolar sufferer (although a friend swears he has).

(2) The bipolar community (of which I am part) is fond of appropriating celebrities, dead and alive, into their sphere, and is also inclined to read almost anything as a commentary on bipolar.

Having said that, however: their interpretation is entirely plausible, even obvious, although it is a relatively reductive, simplistic treatment of bipolar. Then again, it's still just rock and roll to me.

It's a good song, too, if you like Billy Joel and the Storm Front album, on which it is track four.

I recently realized that, aside from the numerous web sites concerning bipolar disorder on which the lyrics are quoted, it is also offered under the node on manic depression in a write-up by PUssyKat. Since I can't figure out which, if either, write-up is redundant, I thought I should mention the original.

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