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She leaned against a tree and looked at the water.

I will not tell you a story about a girl and a tree. I am not talking here about water.  

When I go to the store or out for a walk, or whenever I go among people. It’s as if I am looking at bears in the zoo, or fish in a pond

Do you know what I mean.

Do you know the feeling of being apart, behind glass or an invisible railing.

I am not speaking here of a girl and a tree. I am not talking here about water. 

But something just as fluid.

I need to hear how you think. 

Do your thoughts ever make you feel weary. Do they seem like they’re made out of metal

Are words spoken over and over again, do you hear hollow echoes of laughter.

I would like to hear your thoughts. To see if they sound like mine; if you live in a pond do you lean on a tree.

Do fish ever look at the water.

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