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Computer role playing game released in late august 2002 by Black Isle Studios. Like the original Icewind Dale, it is loosely based upon books by R.A. Salvatore. Icewind Dale II uses the Bioware Infinity Engine, but it has more in common visually with Arcanum than with the original Icewind Dale. Characters can be freely imported and exported in the game itself, but it is not possible to import characters from any other Black Isle game. Icewind Dale II is the first rpg from Black Isle to use D&D 3d edition rules, and as such will feel somewhat less familiar to rpg buffs.

Icewind Dale II, much like it's predecessor, is as pure a hack and slash game as can be made out of what is basically an rpg. From some initial fetch-and-carry type quests, you progress quickly to the wholesale slaughter of goblins, orcs, bugbears, ogres and many other enemies. The difficulty curve is quite steep, and a lot of saving a loading could very well be necessary. All in all, not a bad game, but with some new wrinkles that need ironing out due to the ruleset changes and the new engine visual style. Icewind Dale II was developed in parallel with Neverwinter Nights, and it seems Neverwinter got the long straw.

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