An aviation term that describes an aerobatic procedure:

A high-thrust maneuver that changes a plane's bearing and increases and altitude. By pitching the nose up and climbing, the aircraft can execute one-half of a loop. This is termintated by inverting and executing a roll. (The amount of roll applied determines your new heading.

This leaves the aircraft flying in a different direction, but at a higher altitude. Once the wings are level, the pilot can perform a half-roll again to reassume a normal flight.

A roller coaster element that simulates the same turn planes may make. Named for Max Immelmann, a World War I German Ace and the aerial maneuver it simulates. The coaster begins a half vertical loop up. At the top of the half-loop the coaster then does a 180-inversion, or barrel roll, to be back right side up. Began as a Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) inverted coaster element only but then with the advent of Wildfire at Silver Dollar City, the element appeared on standard steel roller coasters.

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