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A roller coaster with more than one inversion element is termed a multielement coaster. Multielement coasters have been running for many decades back to the classic double looper coasters which had two simultaneous vertical loops and the classic corkscrew roller coaster usually opening with zero to two vertical loops but always finishing with a double corkscrew.

The 1998 Guinness Book of World Records lists Dragon Kahn at Port Aventura as holding the record number of inversions at eight. Since then other coasters have hit both seven and eight inversion elements.

Inversion elements that qualify a coaster for a multielement coaster include, but are not limited to:

vertical loop ----- corkscrew ----- boomerang ----- batwing ----- barrel roll ----- cobra roll ----- Immelmann turn ----- inline twist ---- and many more

Some examples of multielement coasters include (with breakdowns):

Resources include roller coaster database and rec.roller-coasters.

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