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Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (SFWoA) is an up and coming amusement park located in Aurora, OH near Akron, OH. SFWoA reached its current state mainly from a boost from Six Flags in 1999/2000 in which three major roller coasters were added and the park was given a major overhaul. Originally the park was named Geauga Lake. In fact, there has been a park standing on that location with that name since 1888 until 1999. Across the actual lake lies Sea World, though now owned by Six Flags and incorporated into SFWoA. During the overhaul, for one year (2000), the park was known as Six Flags Ohio (SFO). It’s in close driving range (one hour or so) of Cedar Point for those who find a roller coaster vacation is best with multiple parks. The park is relatively small but boasts a wide variety of roller coaster types and magnitudes. At current there are ten operating coasters at SFWoA, as follows, in the order in which they opened:

Resources include: roller coaster database, rec.roller-coasters, and incredible personal experience

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