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Now this might sound a little strange, but I don't see any reason why your sexuality should be an obstruction to who you find attractive.

I have, in the past, spoken to people who disagree with me here. They (being the poor misguided fools that they were, thought that because I am gay that I couldn't find women attractive. How wrong they are. Yet the thing that really bugs me about people who say this? They have no reasoning to their statement. It is usually "but you're gay/straight/lesbian, you can't find x attractive." Well why the fuck not?

I have to say that I find plenty of women attractive, just that I would choose to be with a man instead generally. Just because you find someone attractive doesn't mean that you want to have sex with them. The generalisation that just because you think someone is attractive you would want to sleep with them is absolutely ridiculous.

Perhaps there is more truth than some people would think in the idea that everyone is at least partially bisexual. I don't see why people have a problem with this, maybe it's the more homophobic amongst us that have a fear they might find someone of the same sex attractive. Maybe its the people who are ultra-religious and fear of doing something against the teachings. I don't know.

To be totally honest I really do care quite a lot about what people think of me, but if they choose to dislike me just because of how I live life then I have no time for them. By the same token, if they choose to be so stupid as to think that a gay man can't find a woman attractive etc, then again I have no time for them. I think there is far too much intolerance around... maybe we should export stupid people and put them on a desert island somewhere ;-)

I don't think you mean 'attractive', hombre. Attractive means, by definition, that you desire to be 'near' someone or something. When spoken of a person, it generally is taken as sexual desire. Therefore, I would like to contest your statement as technically false. And, just because this w/u sounds so fucking serious...

Everybody Mambo!!!!

Okay, you people just don't seem to get it. Finding someone attractive *IS wanting to have sex with them!!! That's what attraction is! Sheesh, you people are so damned PC-whipped that you can't directly equate attractive with sexy for fear that someone will be offended. If you're just appreciating beauty, that's one thing. I think Brad Pitt is a stud, but I don't wanna jump his bones, because I don't find him attractive.

Case in point, Everybody Mambo!!!!
I've seen plenty of women around who I think are attractive, but it doesn't mean that I'm attracted to them sexually. Hell, there's even men out there who I think are good-looking, but I'm not sexually attracted to them either. For me, beauty is only skin deep and I am attracted to the person within more so than their exterior shell.

Why can't people accept others appreciating the beauty in people they aren't sexually attracted to? I'm willing to bet that these are the same people who want to sleep with everyone they find the slightest bit attractive. That's so unappealing.

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