A new take on the Italian Passion Spell.

This is a love spell belonging to Marguerite Elsbeth that I just flipped around a little bit to fit my circumstances.....as I was looking for love not just passion. It has since been added to my Urban Book of Shadows and is almost too easy to perform.

What you need:

1 Red candle
1 tsp olive oil
3 drops jasmine oil
white paper
1 red pen

"Use this spell to affect to affect someone who desires you, yet is shy about expressing his/her feelings."Well, no shit.

Melt some of the wax of the candle and mold it with your fingers. If you are aiming for a male, make it phallus shaped, a female, make it womb shaped. Strictly love and you'll get to the physical stuff later, shape your closest approximation of a heart and rub that jasmine and olive oil in deeply. (Jasmine is one of the key herbs of Cancer, thus symbolizing staying power and tenacity, olive oil is signifigant to those impatient Italian libidos) Focus on your intended prey's face, their laugh, the twinkle in their eye, their tush, whatever makes you blush to think about. If there is no one in particuliar in your heart, this ain't the mojo to practice. Because next, you are going to light the candle, write their name on the paper three times, and use the flame to send your written intentions up in smoke and air. Do this for as many nights as there is still wick to burn, regardless of the moon phases. And pray you get to tangle some sheets with this person soon.

As always, good luck, and crossing your fingers doesn't hurt either.

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