Title: A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
Release Date: September 2001
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Penciller: Ron Garney
Inker: Mark Morales
JLA Members: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, the Flash, the Martian Manhunter, and Plastic Man.
Guest Stars: Lois Lane, Hippolyta, Starfire, Maxima, Lex Luthor, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Guy Gardner, and Mera.
Bad Guys: Imperiex.
Cameos: Oracle, Sgt.--uh, General Rock, Doc Magnus, Rocket Red, General Zod, Ignition, Troia, Jessie Quick, Arsenal, Geo-Force, and Tempest.
Special Features: Death of Guy Gardner; Death of Aquaman.

So what happens?
Well, they claimed that all these "Our Worlds at War" crossover issues could stand on their own, but they lied, baby, so here's some backstory: There's this guy called Imperiex, and he's sorta like a short version of Marvel Comics' Galactus -- he reduced the last universe to a single atom, then triggered the Big Bang, creating our universe, and now he and his thousands of uber-powerful drones roam the universe destroying planets so they can jump-start yet another universe. Now a bunch of aliens whose planets have been ravaged by Imperiex have assembled a ragtag armada to help Earth's superheroes and supervillains shut Imperiex down. Okay, on with the story...

The JLA are taking on one of the Imperiex drones attacking Earth, and they're getting their asses handed to 'em. (But I wish someone had explained how Flash, Plastic Man, Aquaman, and everyone else were able to survive in space without spacesuits) After Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Flash, and Plastic Man get clobbered by Imperiex, Wonder Woman and Aquaman jump into the fray. But where are Batman and Superman?

Well, Bats is, as usual, babysitting Gotham City, 'cause, ya know, Batman's obsessed and all. Whatever. Superman is in Smallville. His parents are missing. Hell, Topeka, Kansas has been completely destroyed. Any of y'all from Topeka? You're all dead. Sorry. Supes is, obviously, pissed, and he charges into space to help out with the attack. He rescues Aquaman, who was getting crushed, but Wonder Woman cracks the drone's armor open with a shield -- unfortunately, she didn't know that when you breach their armor, the drones explode. The drone is destroyed, but Wonder Woman appears to be dead (Oh, she comes back. DC ain't gonna kill off the only prominent female superhero in comics, a'ight?) Then someone mentions that one of the Imperiex drones is attacking Atlantis, and Aquaman heads off to help defend his kingdom.

Elsewhere on Earth, President Lex Luthor (Damn those Florida voters!) mobilizes all of Earth's superheroes for the war. In Russia, one of the drones apparently kills Guy Gardner (Great work, DC -- keep treating former Green Lanterns like shit). In Frankfurt, the normally evil General Zod and Ignition are trying to beat a drone. In Zaire, the Titans are trying to beat a drone. In Antarctica, the Outsiders are trying to beat a drone. Aboard the aliens' medical ship, most of the JLA are hospitalized. Things look grim.

And under the sea, Aquaman suits up in some moderately badass armor, arms himself with the god Neptune's trident, and goes to stop the Imperiex drone. After a fairly short battle, Aquaman is able to stab the trident into the drone -- which, again, causes the drone to explode. When Superman arrives seconds later, the drone has been destroyed, the armor's okay, the trident is okay, and Aquaman is a red stain in the water. And so -- Wait just a goddamn minute. They killed Aquaman? Just like that? WHERE'S MY WHACKIN' STICK, DAMMIT! (Aquaman was cool, yo?)

Oh, other than that? Superman's mad, the oceans are red like blood, and Supes hollers so loud it actually parts the sea. Not bad, but I wish they'd quit killing Silver Age characters.

Cool Moments!
Almost all of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor speech is quoted throughout this issue; the first image of Martian Manhunter, his face literally bent out of shape and one eye hanging from its socket, pretty effectively communicates how tough Imperiex is; Wonder Woman wears the armor she had in Mark Waid and Alex Ross' stunning "Kingdom Come" series; even though I'm assuming that Aquaman and Guy Gardner will be back sooner rather than later, when they get killed, it's quite a surprise.

Cool Quotes!
President Roosevelt's speech contributes the coolest quotes, I think.

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