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Without people to read, write, chat, vote and code; E2 wouldn't be what it is today which is why I am collecting names for a list of people who have been the most influential during the past twelve months. If you would like to participate, please message me with your list of names. I would prefer full user names instead of nicknames and if the user has had a name change you are aware of, please include that as well. It would help me if you could compile your list before sending it, think about who has made a substantial and lasting contribution to Everything2 during 2011 even if this person no longer logs in on a regular basis.

Putting yourself on the list is acceptable as is including people who are no longer active members as some people have moved on yet were still powerful members of this site during 2011. A simple list of ten names would work for the quest however if you would like to expound upon your choices I would appreciate that as many behind the scenes people are doing work that may not be visible yet helps keep the site up and running. Thanks to all who have contributed so far and for allowing me to gather this data. I'm looking forward to reporting my findings after voting closes when the server refreshes on Saturday, January 7, 2012.

People who have recommended influential candidates:























Because you were wondering...

    2012 = 22 * 503

     503 is the 96th prime

Furthermore, the partition function of 2012 is ten billion billion billion billion billion. Approximately.

  p(2012) = 1046

            (give or take a few billion billion billion)

I’ve never been to The South, but on my mother’s side of the family those roots trace back to the 1700s, mainly in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri. Grandma was born in Tennessee and every New Year’s Day fixed Hoppin’ John because Southern tradition says it is lucky to have black eyed peas For New Years.

I never partook of them, because I never really cared for beans or peas when I was younger. In fact one time when I was a toddler I refused to eat my peas. My Dad said I couldn’t get out of my high chair until they were gone. They waited about two hours and he got so frustrated that he dumped them on my head. Don’t judge him, it was a different time and I don’t really remember the incident. It’s just one of those funny stories families like to relate. As my Mom later pointed out, I never ate the peas. There’s probably a reason Dad called me ‘brat-nilla’ when I was growing up.

On January 1, 2011 I decided to make Hoppin’ John. Some good things happened for me last year: finally able to retire—not to lead a lavish lifestyle mind you, but comfortably enough; took a couple trips to visit relatives I’d not seen in a while; met some interesting people; started expanding my creative horizons.

I’m not very superstitious. Black cats and broken mirrors don’t faze me. Triskaidekaphobia? No way! Walking under ladders? Well, some things are just reasonable—safety is involved. Do not walk under ladders. But am I having Hoppin’ John for this New Year’s dinner? You bet!

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