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A Jewish terrorist organization. Founded as 'Kach' by radical Israeli-American rabbi Meir Kahane in 1969, and renamed to 'Kahane Chai' (Hebrew for 'Kahane Lives') by his son shortly after his assasination in 1990.

The group's stated goal is to gain full Jewish control over the biblical state of Israel, by all means possible. The core members of the group are located in West Bank settlements, particularly Qiryat Arba' and Hebron.

After many failed attempts, in 1984 the group got enough votes in the general Knesset elections allowing Kahane to become a member. Before the 1988 elections, the knesset outlawed the group because of it's reptitive incitemnet of racism.

The group organizes protests against Israeli officials, and harass and threaten Palestinians in the occupied territories. Groups affiliated with them have threatened to attack Arabs, Palestinians, and Israeli Government officials. They have claimed responsibility for several shooting attacks on West Bank Palestinians in which four persons were killed and two were wounded in 1993. The have supported the mass murder of 29 Arabs in 1994 by terrorist Baruch Goldstein.

The organization is funded by American and Israeli donators.

Their official website is at http://www.kahane.org/, and features the Kahane Chai radio broadcast in multiple languages, including Arabic.

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