Underappreciated, misunderstood patron and quaint historical personage from the lore of yore.

"Blessed be those who correct teh Truth."
-- Benediction of St. Knig

Born in the Valley of Thayre in the land of Yure, Knig of Tyops seems to have been a mathematician, philosopher, and traveling sandal salesman of Cretan lineage. Having been suppressed by the Bavarian Illuminati little, if anything, remains in the annals of history regarding his life and contributions outside of accidental and/or anecdotal accounts in discarded ephemera referencing either the Whythagorean Theorem or the Guru Mediation Error, but never both.

Irregardless, he is the Patron Saint of scribes, scriveners, limners, clerics, typographers, orthographers, typesetters, copyists, medical transcriptionists, stenographers, data entrants, administrative assistants, wordsmiths, and culture jammers, amongst others (like content editors). His miracles on behalf of his charges, unfortunately, are often wrongly attributed to being curses from Titivillus, patron devil of typographical errors and eternal enemy of Knig. In fact, St. Knig's sigil can be inscribed upon everyday office supplies to ward against demonic and devilish oopsies. Beware, and be aware, that typos in said sigil can turn it into a summons instead of a ward.

Saint Knig's Feast Day is Sweetmorn, the 36th day of the season of Chaos (February 5).
His Brunch is Sweetmorn, the 18th day of the season of Discord (April 1).


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