Medicinal Teas are also called infusions. This is a great and easy way to get the benefits of many herbs. Infusions are best when used immediately after preparing.

Place the specified dosage of the herb into a heatproof container. The amount used will vary from herb to herb. Many people suggest that you not use any type of metal container when creating an infusion. Others feel comfortable using stainless steel strainers or tea balls. To avoid loose leaves you can contain the herbs in a muslin bag.

Pour boiling water over the herbs and allow the infusion to steep, covered, for an appropriate length of time. Again this changes with different herbs but is usually 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure to cover it as this will help keep in the essential oils.

Remove and strain out the leaves. Drink when it has cooled enough not to burn your mouth.

A tisane or soaking or infusion of herbs is not really a tea just as tea is not coffee. "Tea" is made from the leaves of tea plants. An herbal tisane is an herbal tisane. Strawberry leaves, infused as a tisane, are said by some to be good for respiration. Fine and good and wonderful perhaps. However: this is not and can never be a tea. Tea is not good for anything. Tea is tea. Tea is a culture, a practice, an art form. It involves tea. Not coffee (although coffee is wonderful) and not herbs (although herbs have their uses).

Please, some respect. A calculator is not a computer. A telephone is not a television. An herb is not tea.

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