According to Mars, they are “Chocolates with crisp, light honeycombed centres.” This is true.

The ingredients are:
Milk chocolate, glucose syrup, malt extract, skimmed milk powder, wheat flour, pectin, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), and salt.
Mars assures us that the milk chocolate contains a minimum of 14% milk solids, vegetable fat, emulsifiers (E442, Lecithin), and flavourings.

Maltesers can be recognised by their distinctive red packaging which is decorated with brown spheres and bears the Maltesers logo; to whit, the word “Maltesers” written in white pseudo-handwriting.

What Mars, or any part of the packaging of Maltesers, fails to tell you is the fact that these damn things are the most addictive chocolate-covered-honeycomb-globules on Earth. After having one, it is nearly impossible not to ram the whole box or packet into your mouth. After consuming 30-40 of these little balls, however, a distinct tingling feeling sets into your mouth, which grows to a seemingly jalapeno-induced type burning sensation. This is not pleasant. So, for you own sake, LIMIT YOUR MALTESER CONSUMPTION.

If your Maltesers consumption is limited to a safe level, the experience cam be fun and healthy. A recent Maltesers advert listed only three types of ways to consume a Malteser:
Nibble off chocolate.

This does not tell the true story. My research indicates that there are at least five ways:
Suck off chocolate, crunch honeycomb;
Suck off chocolate, suck honeycomb;
Nibble off chocolate, crunch honeycomb;
Nibble off chocolate, suck honeycomb.

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