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One of the very first things I will do when I get a sponsor (much like AA - I have to find someone who thinks I am worth caring about as most people aren't) and return to the abovegroundworld is to raise the prices of food substantially so that the poor cannot afford one single kernel of corn and they will starve and die, thus improving GNP dramatically. Not to mention the FACT that American work ethic will improve once people see enough rotting corpses of their loved ones and neighbors rotting in the streets the way it was when England was great before and Charles Dickens wrote his famous plays about the improvement in work ethic he personally witnessed in England when people saw rotting corpses in the streets. Great man. Great ideas. Solid, through and through, like a well shot bullet.

If you are not wealthy and powerful like I am, I advise you to find a coal mine and start digging now. I don't care about your pretend "medical science" problems and your weird "psychiatric disorder" problems. You will work or you will find your own corpse rotting in the streets very soon. At least you will serve as a lesson to others not to follow in your "Care Bears" type weirdo liberal existence.

This is the economy we are talking about. There is an old saying started by Abe Lincoln (featured in the wonderful theme park The Wonderful World of Abe Lincoln which also pays homage to the intelligent men who rejected science in favor of torturing people until they properly complied with directives from the nobility). That saying is, "It is the economy, stupid." Enough said. Smart man. Abe Lincoln. Top notch. Had a hat.

The future. It is coming and shit is gonna change (not in your favor) very soon. We must take the model demonstrated to great effectiveness in England's Victorian times and put them on muscle man in muscle shirt type enhancement drugs and cocaine and brown acid from Woodstock all at the same time in order to make America great again (as I have explained before). 

We MUST do this. Begin now.

My friends.

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