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Marcus Brigstocke is many things to many people. Professionally, he is a writer, a standup comedian and an actor. He has appeared on television, on the radio and on the silver screen. When questioned on his proclivity for such a variety of activities, Marcus riposted:
"To be honest, I'm a bit of a tart"
Fortunately, he went onto say "as long as I'm performing, I'm quite happy. Stand-up is an extension of me anyway. In my stand-up I do characters and voices and stuff, so basically it is acting"1

Marcus's first tentative steps along the road to comedy were taken at Bristol University where, after forming a group named Club Seals with fellow funnymen Danny Robins and Dan Tetsell, he did shows for university crowds and national audiences. In 1996 he won the BBC New Comedian Award at the Edinburgh Festival.

Other notable appearances at the Edinburgh Festival include:

Where you might have seen or heard him

Marcus has appeared in a selection of television shows, for the BBC, Channel 4, Five, ITV, Sky and UK Gold. They include: He was also a panellist on the short lived Casting Couch2 and has previously co-hosted the Q Awards with the Davina McCall.

Marcus is also frequently heard on the radio, mostly on Radio 4 and BBC 7. He has appeared in numerous shows including the The Now Show, Think the Unthinkable, The Museum of Everything, 2000 Years of Radio and 99p Challenge.

His acting career has had a slow start with roles in a few films and one stage production. Marcus played the part of Frankie in Patrick Marber's Dealers Choice at the Kings Head theatre, and also made a "blink and you will miss it" 3 appearance as a DJ in Richard CurtisLove Actually. He is also in Neil Gaymen’s A Short Film About John Bolton where he played an inept arts presenter and has been working on a "low/no budget film Buried Alive with some friends and colleagues from the BBC - writers James Carey and Adam Bromley."4


As well as his straight stand up, Marcus has a few comedy characters as part of his repertoire.
    David Oxley, BA Hons, presenter of We are History and "a boorish supposed academic whose views on history are completely at odds with all other thinking"7

Marcus the Man, or GTKMB

"Who are your favourite comedians and who has influenced you?"8

"Peter Cook is my biggest comic hero of all time, and Jim Henson, who did The Muppet Show, which really made me laugh and still does. There are lots of others. As a stand-up, I'm required to laugh at Bill Hicks, so I do. But I thought that Peter Cook was an awesome talent and did things that were very brave. Running The Establishment Club - that was a real forerunner for things like the Comedy Store and the circuit we have now."

Other Marcus titbits:
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