Prolific Canadian journalist, or as he calls himself, the 'one-man global content provider'. Certainly the amount of writing he produces each week on a expansive range of subjects is notable.

Mark Steyn (rhymes with fine) has a strong neo-conservative, libertarian bent in his writing, but does not suffer the context-blindness that other right wing media commentators have which prevents them from attracting new audiences.

Although he may be quoted in right wing political circles, he seductively writes in a manner the liberal left can connect with, sharing their world view, language and values. Like the iconoclastic Christopher Hitchens, Steyn has contempt for the failing sof the left to find a practical and consistent moral path. But where as the Hitch might show a reserved weariness to his former ideological bedmates that have either sold out or lost the plot since political correctness atrophied reason, Steyn has no such sentimentalities. Therefore in his readings Steyn is a voracious, bombastic and much more funnier, inventor of insults, especially on the sanctimonous and stupid.

Originally a DJ, Steyn moved to commentating music shows of all variety in Canada, Britain and New York, before going full-time into print journalism. He has written a book on Broadway musicals. Steyn has a family and in his free-time he likes to go dogsledding.

Mark Steyn provides an article each week to The Irish Times, The New York Sun, The Washington Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Jerusalem Post, The Spectator, Saturday in The Northwest Signal (Napoleon, Ohio), The Western Standard (Canadian magazine), Chicago Sun-Times, The Richmond Times-Dispatch and the British The Sunday Telegraph. Mark also has fortnightly columns for National Review (to a column called 'The Happy Warrior') and The Western Standard. Each month he writes a column for The New Criterion (as theatre critic) and The Atlantic Monthly (as obituarist). Several of his articles are then reproduced in other publications. He does not reguarly appear in the electronic media, except on the The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show.

Articles he has written are available at

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