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A dive bar in the Cleveland Circle area of Allston, Massachusetts, famous among Boston College students for its lenient carding policy and its Wednesday night dollar drafts. Hockey players from Boston College are not allowed on the premises.

The bar features fine cuisine in the form of a candy vending machine and entertainment in the form of a quick-shot basketball game, a Golden Tee arcade machine, and a porn-related video trivia machine. Other forms of amusement include watching drunk people take a dump in the bathroom - which features "stall-free" architecture and no paper towels, being the one-hundred-and-eighteenth person in a row to request Bob Dylan's Hurricane from the wall-mounted jukebox, laughing as yet another sucker tries to beat the cigarette machine into submission after it takes their money, and listening to Marszycki tell you how the Yankees are really Buck Showalter's team.

Maryanne's has a bathroom which defies the laws of traditional Newtonian physics by cramming a sink, 2 urinals, and a crapper in a room that's about 5x6. On dollar-draft nights, the line to the bathroom stretches half way around the back side of the place to the basketball game thing. Since the bathroom is so crammed, the door rarely shuts. There are no partitions inside the bathroom. There are only a few brave men to have taken a crap in the crapper. I am one of them and I've done it twice.

Maryanne's is a 15 minute walk from the main Boston College campus. There was a picture of Maryanne's in the Park Street station for a month or so around the last Boston Marathon because it sits on mile 21 or 22 or something like that on the Boston Marathon route.

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