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        Sucks. I'm no hardware junkie but I do know my way around computers, at least the ones that run the many fine variants of Windows, but sometimes I too am compelled to seek a higher solution to some confounding technical problems that I may or may not be having with it. To aid in the overwhelming demand for technical support with their software, Microsoft has set up a tech support by email thingy. So as opposed to calling a long distance number and being put on hold for five hours, you can now seek solutions to your problems through the magic of email.
        Unfortunately their email support is as bad as it is on the telephone. Every problem I've had has been answered in a 5 step process by these folks. For example: Windows randomly reboots my computer. The answer I receive is:

-Make sure you have a windows boot disk and your original Windows 98 CD
-Insert the boot disk in your computer, and reboot
-Run scandisk
-Re-install windows 98 by typing setup
-Have a nice day

The same would hold true if I asked a question like "All the programs in my start menu have disappeared" or "My monitor exploded" Damn...I sort of lost focus on the actual subject of this node. It still holds true that Microsoft Email Tech Support stinks.

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