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The Mitsubishi 3000GT is one amazing car. They were made from 1991, to 1999. Right out of the gate, in the '91 model year, they hit the ground running full steam in the right direction. The car was aimed at people that wanted a quality sports car for less than, say, a Porsche or Ferrari. For around $31,500, you could get the top model 3000GT VR4, complete with a dual turbocharged 3-liter 24-valve V6, with horsepower in excess of 300, and 0-60 in under six seconds. All in all a rather powerful, inexpensive (well, in comparison to the competition anyway) sportscar.

It was the world's first high-performance car to offer both all-wheel drive for tighter road grip and four-wheel steering for precision handling. The anti-lock braking system was four-wheel. The independent suspension was four-wheel. Velocity with Reason secured by four of everything. Hence VR4.

Also included was an electronically controlled suspension that automatically adjusts the shocks to soft, medium or firm, to better handle changing road conditions.

Mitsubishi added what it trademarked as "Active Aero", a system that automatically tilts the rear spoiler (borrowing a concept pioneered by Porsche) while lowering the front air dam.

Both slide out at 50 m.p.h. to increase front and rear downforce, i.e. diverting air flowing over and under the car so it holds the vehicle down, reducing that moment of high-speed indecision when an aerodynamic vehicle needs to be reminded that it is a car, not an airplane.

There was also a 3000GT SL model, which basically was a stripped down, naturally aspirated, 2WD V6 without all the technological bells and whistles that the VR4 offered.

In the following years, a few extra options were added. A sunroof ('93), Theft Deterrent System ('93), a higher output multi-ported 320 HP engine ('94), Limited Slip Differential ('94), and a Six Speed Gearshift ('94). The rest of the modifications were of a mostly non-performance nature.

The car is beautiful, IMHO, and I would love to own one. The model was dropped by Mitsubishi after the '99 model year due to sluggish sales, although you can still find 3000 GTs for in extremely good condition, for relatively cheap. A friend of mine just got a '94 SL model for just over $6000, USD.

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