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or How to speak like a French stoner, buy drugs and not get chicks

Montréal youth, 16-24, speaks a very interesting slang that is somewhat different from Québecois. It is often unintelligible to those taught in English high schools or to immigrant not used to hang around with the Québecois.

Firstly, the abundant use of fuck is well known. It is actually a very mild swear word, a lot weaker than criss or calice.

Secondly, some gamer idioms are in current usage, particularly "own". Those are pronounced with thick Québecois accent.

Thirdly, there is the ever abundant stoner ("poteux") influence, from which I will give a few examples:
"Popo", "Coch" for police.
"Caught" for getting arrested. ("Ils l'ont caught!")
"Pèter" for stoned. The adjective is pète. ("Il était crissement pète.")
All the drugs parnaphelia : rouler (to roll), bong, shisha, baggies, weed, etc. A "fève" is half a gram(.5).

A whole bunch of words are also said in english: dude, chicks (never singular), downtown, club (instead of discothèque. Also, the verb "clubber"), etc. Minorities are also called by their english names if they are young people: "les asian", "les chinese", "les blacks", etc. Same with some subcultures : "les indie", "les gangsteux", "les clubbeux", "les metalleux". An bus is usually called a "bus" (instead of "autobus") which is pronounced like boss.

Also, an important addition is the word chill. Used as an adjective, it shows coolness ("Il était ben chill", he was nice). Used as a verb, it means to hang around ("On va tu chiller?"). Used as a noun (chilleux), it means something like chav.

"Genre" is used exactly like "like" in English. "Il était genre, vraiment cool" = "He was, like, so cool."

An example from common day life:

The protagonist explains that he entered the St-Sulpice bar with his seventeen year old girlfriend to join a bunch of friend (Jing, a Chinese guy, and Jonathan, the dealer and a kind of wannabe gangster) but that she was asked for ID and thrown out. Outside, they bought some marijuana from Jonathan. Then, they decided to go to Square St-Louis instead. They smoked some weed but got arrested. Hopefully they had already smoked all of it so they got off with just a fine for being in a park late. They took the night bus home, where some drunk guy vomitted on the girlfriend. After having some difficulty finding his way home, he went to bed with his girlfriend.

"Donc genre on voulait aller au St-Su ok? On devait rejoindre Jing, le chinese pi l'gros Jo. Donc genre, on arrive pi la ma chicks a se fait fucking carter par le dude. Pendant qu'a m'attends dehors, je m'en vais voir Jo pi j'y achète une fève. On décide d'aller au square St-Louis pour fumer du weed. Pi la, pendant qu'on est pète tight, on se fait caught par la popo. On avait pu de stuff donc y nous ont juste donner un ticket, les calisses. Y'avait genre pu de métro donc on décide de prendre le bus de nuite. Y'avait un genre de hobo à coté de nous pi y'a puké sur ma chicks. J'étais encore pas mal stoned donc ca m'a pris un boute trouvé ma maison. En plus ma chicks a sentait le criss pi y commencait a faire frette. Anyway, on est entré chez nous pi on est aller dormir. Fucking laid comme nuit."

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