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Disc issued with Square's Final Fantasy Anthology for the PlayStation game console. The CD was included in this package to make up for the fact that Final Fantasy IV wasn't included (The games that were finally available were Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI). As the title states, this compact disc features music from both FFV and FFVI. The songs were composed for the games by Nobuo Uematsu. They appear in their original, synthesized form. The only difference from these tracks and the ones in the games is that these have been converted to CD audio format.

Here is the track listing:

  1. FFV Opening Theme
  2. The Dungeon
  3. We're Pirates!
  4. City Theme
  5. Parting Sorrow
  6. Mambo de Chocobo
  7. Distant Homeland
  8. Music Box Memories
  9. To My Beloved Friend
  10. The Phantom Forest
  11. Phantom Train
  12. Wild West
  13. Kids Run Through The City
  14. Terra
  15. Slam Shuffle
  16. Spinach Rag
  17. Johnny C Bad
  18. Mog
  19. Dark World
  20. Epitaph
  21. The Magic House
  22. The Prelude
Songs 1-9 are from FFV

Songs 10-22 are from FFVI

1992 and 1994 Square Co., Ltd.

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