MRA (as most of us call it) is the primary commercial product of Online Games Net. Though the user interface is subpar, the game is priced very competitively, and has a loyal (albeit small) fan base.


The game's graphics, as mentioned above, are rather dated. Although the Windows version uses a 256-color palette, much of the art remains unchanged from the 16-color art developed for the DOS version. The game also claims to use "3D effects," but in reality there is only a slight change in the angle of walls depending on their position relative to the player character.


There is currently no sound in the game. Although sound effects are reportedly on OGN's to-do list, MeNo has said that music will be left out completely, as users can probably supply better music themselves.


There are basically three different levels of customer support:
  1. Knighted Players - These guys do the basic newbie-helping. Most of them are just experienced players charged by OGN with the duty of helping people. IIRC, they can broadcast a message to all new players, but that's about it. They don't get paid.
  2. Lords (and Ladies) of the Realm - The LOR are the most visible of the support people, and also have powers to run special events and generally police the Realms as necessary. They don't get paid either, although they may get discounts on game plans.
  3. The Powers That Be - The PTB are the actual OGN staff. MeNo is the most visible of these, though others do exist. Do not meddle in their affairs, for they have no need for subtlety.


Since the fan base is comparatively small, you tend to get to know people fairly quickly. There are usually less than 30 people in-game at any given moment, and 5 or 6 major guilds. Unfortunately, a small community means an even smaller editing community. Myself included, there are only around 3 people who have written editing utilities for the game, and most of the file formats remain undocumented.


The game has a fairly unusual pricing structure. Although you can play for free initially, you must buy a game plan in order to advance beyond level 10. When buying a game plan, you have several different options, ranging from $5/month to upwards of $50/month. The basic plans are listed below:
Plan Free
Costs nothing. This is what you start with by default. Advancement stops at level 10, or three months after you create your account, whichever comes first; user interaction is somewhat limited.
Plan 5
Costs $5/month. This is the "basic access" plan, and the lowest one you can get any real support on. Full user interaction, no advancement bonus.
Plan 10
Costs $10/month. This is the standard plan, with a price equivalent to most other online games, and the running joke is that this is the minimum you need to pay to get MeNo to listen to your ideas. This plan gives double advancement relative to Plan 5.
Plan 15
Costs $15/month. This is the "plus" plan. Same advancement as Plan 10, plus the right to start a guild and have a guild hall or personal manor constructed in the game.
Plan 20
Costs $20/month. This is the lowest of the "time saver" plans. Double advancement relative to Plans 10 and 15.
Plan 30
Costs $30/month. The middle "time saver" plan. Triple advancement relative to Plans 10 and 15.
Plan 50
Costs $50/month. The most expensive plan there is. Advancement is four times as fast as Plans 10 and 15.
If you choose to construct a guild hall or manor, there is a one-time fee of $30, plus an additional amount which depends on the size of the structure and the special functions desired.

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