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Niko Nirvi (or NNirvi, as he's most often known) is an editor and columnist in Pelit magazine. He seems to mostly review strategy games, RPGs and FPSes.

His first game review was for Zoids in MikroBitti 6/1986 (which is why people call him "older than dinosaurs"), and since then he has written a lot of game reviews - mostly in interesting and fun way. Previously, he wrote for MikroBitti, but moved later to Pelit.

If you want to laugh, read his reviews of really bad games. He's also good at spotting cliches and bad things in general that plague the modern games, and these are generally the most common topic of his columns.

Oh, and he never, ever has shown his face in Pelit or MikroBitti. It's a great mystery. (Update 2002-02-17: NNirvi has been spotted on TV recently on report about Pelit Awards Gala...)

For Pelit subscribers, all of his columns and game reviews can be found from http://www.pelit.fi/.

Pelit also now includes this in their gaming dictionary: "Nirvi Gambit: n. A stupid move in the end of a multi-player game that turns your certain victory into certain defeat."

Back in the late 80s, Nnirvi's trade mark was replacing his alias with a funny reference to the reviewed game's title, whenever possible. A good example is the review of BattleTech, which was signed "Taistelunipotti BattleNich". :)

While Mr.Nirvi is certainly one of the greatest Finnish game reviewers of all time, and without question the most legendary person in our country's computer-related media, his writings do leave room for critique.

In my opinion, his once very smart columns in Pelit have steadily slided from being the straight dope into repetitive bitter rants that mostly revolve around the same old thoughts and topics:

Now, I'm not saying I disagree with everything Nirvi is saying. He does make good points in his columns, and the many years he's spent in the business has earned him a lot of experience and insight which can't be overlooked. But the above mentioned topics (along with a few other similar ones) are repeated once every few months, each time with a growing amount of bitterness, condescension and straightforward negativity, plus a lack of constructive comments and new points of view. The man seems to be aware of this, since he often starts his columns with "here's an another bitter rant from an old dinosaur" or something similar.
Since Nirvi still has his bright moments, and his reviews continue to be quite entertaining, I hope he can raise the quality of his column back to where it once was.
Update - June 10, 2001

Nnirvi must be an E2 reader, or perhaps he's just in a summer mood?
The last two columns have been very well thought out and entertaining pieces, with no trace of the bitching and moaning I whined about earlier.
Hopefully he can keep this up.

Update - June 25, 2002

Nope, he couldn't.
(just in case you were wondering)

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