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Crying for Society.

No fundamental reasons.
What is life, but the pursuit of happiness?
What is happiness if not beauty?

Who doesn't think?

Why do we do?

Who knows what?


Realising there is no meaning, we grasp at what feels right;
Nothing would be worth it, if there was nothing to give it value.
So there must be reason.

Mustn't there?

One day, I woke up.
This was not something I had done before, so I was kind of surprised.
But really, my mind started in confusion
I come from confusion.
I live in confusion.
What is confusion?

It's all too confusing for me.

Genius, nature, transient sensual gratification.
Things to live for?
Or do we live because to live
You need to want not to die?
Reason, reason, reason.
What is anything without reason?
(It is what it is. I am what I am.)

In an infinity of universes, there would be one somewhere that would
Just so happen
To turn up dream after dream of the future
To let us hear what will happen
To happen just so

In one universe, a man might make a fortune by betting half of his money again and again on the toss of a random coin.
Each time, he would stand a fifty/fifty chance of losing.
What would that man think?

There is a God. There is a God and he loves me.

But there would be no god.
He will probably lose a fortune in the next two tosses of the coin.
But an infinite universe.
One man would toss the coin, again and again.
Become a millionaire, a billionaire.

He would know that
There  Is  A  God

Not an infinite universe now, but a big one.

A very big one.

One tiny part of it, and consciousnesses emerge.

Good god!

Why are we here?


These things happen.

On"ward (?), a.


Moving in a forward direction; tending toward a contemplated or desirable end; forward; as, an onward course, progress, etc.


Advanced in a forward direction or toward an end.

Within a while, Philoxenus came to see how onward the fruits were of his friend's labor. Sir P. Sidney.


© Webster 1913.

On"ward, adv.

Toward a point before or in front; forward; progressively; as, to move onward.

Not one looks backward, onward still he goes. Pope.


© Webster 1913.

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