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J.R.R. Tolkien> The Silmarillion

The Peredhil (plural of Peredhel) were those of the Children of Ilúvatar who had both the blood of the Edain and Eldar races in them, which is what the name means (Peredhil = Half-Elven). The two most famous of these are Elrond and Elros. There father Eärendil was also Half-Elven, and was the first product of the first wedding of Elf and Man, Tuor and Idril. All of the Peredhil were given the choice of which race they wished to be counted among. Almost all of them chose the Elvenkind, but a few, Elros being the most famous, chose to be mortal. Though Elros was mortal, he was granted a lifespan of 500 years, and his descendants were the kings of Númenór. When Elrond, who chose to be among the Eldar, left Middle-Earth, his children were also given the choice of which race to be; all three of them chose to be Edain.
These are the Peredhil and what race they chose:

None means they died before their choice was given to them or it is not known.

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