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The House of Hador was the most renowned, and the most populous, of the three houses of the Edain. They were led into Beleriand by Marach and settled in Estolad near there cousins in the First House. They recieved their name when they entered into the service of Hador in Dor-lómin. They had the greatest role of any of the houses of the Edain in the Wars of Beleriand, fighting beside none other than the House of Fingolfin. When Dorthonion fell, the House of Hador incorporated most of what was left of the House of Bëor.

They gained the greatest fame of any of the Edain when they fought in the Nirnath Arnoediad. The House was almost completely wiped out on Anfauglith, but then proceeded to cover the retreat of the Gondolodrim led by Turgon, thus helping conceal the Hidden Kingdom. Then, even more reduced in numbers, they held their ranks behind Rivil and there killed hundreds upon hundreds of the enemy. Here, they were all slain, except for Húrin, who was taken as a personal prisoner of Morgoth.

The House of Hador had the most Elf-like qualities of all the Edain. Their hair was golden and they had a noble mind and spirit. They were very tall and warlike.

The House of Hador, relatively important figures in bold:

          Haldad                                         Marach
            |                                              |
      ______|_____                             ____________|_________
      |          |                             |                    |
    Haleth     Haldar                    Malach Aradan           Imlach
                 |                             |                    |
               Haldan                        Magor               Amiach
                 |                             |
                 |                             |
                 |                           Hathol
               Halmir                          |
                 |                           Hador
   ______________|______      _________________|____________________________________
   |                   |      |                            |                       |
  Hareth=Galdor    Haldir=Gioredhal                Hareth=Galdor                 Gundor
                         |                               |
                       Handir                       _____|___________________________   Belegund
                         |                          |                               |      |
             Brandir the Clubfooted                Húrin=Morwen                     Huor=Rían
                                                              |                             |
                                                  ____________|______________               Tuor=Idril
                                                  |              |          |                   |
                                                Túrin         Lalaith     Nienor              Eärendil
                                                                                          |           |
                                                                                       Elrond       Elros

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