Pop Activism. An all encompasing idea to promote revolutionary thoughts through the use of the already established corporate advertising conventions.

Example. 1. Creating an evil cartoon mascott with the name Dr. Monsanto who poisons children's milk with a dastardly drug known as bovinimones. With the creation of this character advertising like segments could be created to promote the idea of this character as an evil being. Of course great care would have to be taken as to tread the line between being material for a lawsuit or ficton that implies the connection between Monsanto and the hormone that is added to American milk.

The people don't respond to statistics and facts, like the fact that drinking milk with the hormones it has in it is causing the average age of puberty in the US to drop dramatically. People respond to advertising. We must advertise the truth. Write money is your Hitler on all your bills. Why do some people think corporations deserve better treatment than what you deserve? and What is the real problem with america today?

A hypocritical means of insinuating one flavor of the truth into the minds of the people. Inherently just as evil as the corporations whose advertising schemes they emulate in that they use the same underhanded techniques.

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