Here's another thing you guys out there have to look forward to when you reach that magic apex of life and start floating toward the blessed end to all this madness. Ooops. What I meant was, "when you get past age 40."

The prostate is one funky little gland due to the fact that the blood vessels flowing through it are some of the smallest in the body. You get little infections in your body all the time, but they're cleaned up naturally before you notice a lot of them. When the prostate gland gets an infection, these little blood vessels don't seem to be able to do a very good job of carrying enough blood in there to help clean up the mess. So the little walnut sized organ begins to swell. When it swells to a certain point, you begin to feel it. It might just be a burning sensation when you whiz. (I love that term. I'll never forget when I was around 18 or so and first heard this girl say she "had to go take a whiz." I thought that was so cute.)

If your ordeal is like mine, however; a burning sensation when you whiz is just the beginning of a life in hell. The next, more painful stage is a pain in your lower back which can shoot down the front of your legs. You'd not believe how much this can hurt. It's that sort of pain where you cannot change to any other position, sitting or lying down, to ease the pain. (I've had folks tell me that it's the same sort of pain experienced to an even greater degree by those who are suffering from pancreatic cancer. I hope I'm never able to verify that one.)

When you decide to find out what the hell is wrong with you, you're in for a real little surprise at the doctor's office. He'll suggest you drop trou and bend over his little table, at which point he will hurt you as much as you've ever been hurt in your life. He'll stick his middle finger up your ass and press real hard on your enlarged prostate gland. He'll be saying something like, "Wow! This thing's bigger than a damn grapefruit!"

But you'll be silently screaming in pain with your mouth as wide open as Al Sharpton at the all-you-can-eat food bar. It will feel as if you are whizzing fire. That's the doctor squeezing out some of the nasty infection which has taken up residence in your little organ. Then the doctor will give you some super antibiotic and tell you to lay off the sex for a couple of weeks. He won't have to worry. There's something else that comes out of your little joy stick other than whiz, and that hurts even worse.

For some reason, the problem will seem to crop up when you've laid off sex for a while and then had yourself a little orgy. For instance, if you've been married for a while, you might relate to this scenario: You get caught up in day-to-day living and forget about making whoopie for a few weeks, and then you go on a week-long cruise with your wife. A couple of days after you get back, there's that familiar little pain beginning in your lower back. I don't know what this pattern has to do with infections, but it sure seemed to be the case with me, and I've had others tell me that same thing.

So, is there any good news in this whole sordid tale? YES, THERE IS! Thanks to the pharmaceutical industry which you little commies love to hate so much, this problem has virtually been solved. There's a medication that was developed to lower blood pressure by expanding the smaller blood vessels in the body. The brand name is Hytrin©. The clinical name is terazosin HCL and comes in generic forms. Hytrin© turned out to be a miracle cure for prostatitis, exactly because it helped those itty-bitty blood vessels down there open up and clear out the developing infections.

I can tell you that this drug has been one of the greatest things I've ever found in my life. If you find yourself having these symptoms, don't let it get to the point where you have to suffer the fickle finger of fate.

Prostatitis is a complicated infection in the prostate area, mainly because urologists do not know much about it. The degree of pain varies from individual to individual, and sometimes will be with a patient for the rest of their lives (there is not a definate cure for prostatitis right now). In fact, conclusive tests for prostatitis do not exist! All is known, is that it is not an STD, but comes from various sources, such as an infection, physical injury, or even a rare tumor.

I have had prostatitis for over 3 years now. It comes and goes. Sometimes I am awaken by an annoying pain at 3 in the morning and have the tremendous urge to urinate. Upon urination, there is a burning sensation and very little will be leaked. Sometimes I can go for a few weeks without even feeling any pain in the area.

Yes, some antibiotics exist, namely Ciprofloxacin (variations of this drug exists: cipro and floxin). If you are unfortunate enough to be reading this, I suggest you should ask your Doctor (who may have to do a urine culture and/or biopsy) for a prescription as it will help. It helped me the first time prostatitis came around but unfortunately the anti-biotic did not kill it off. I just finished my second round of the antibiotics, and so far so good, though there is milder discomfort. Some men may improve with antibiotic therapy although most do not.

It seems the only way to get rid of it is to drink lots of fluid, specifically water. But this is a viscious cycle as you may drink a lot of water, urinate it all away, and then suffer the pain again (as your bladder is now empty). Another good fluid that helped me out is Aloe-Vera juice. Caffeine usually irritates the infection.

The good news? The chances of getting prostate cancer is lower for a person who has prostatitis.

The webpage has a lot of information.

Prostatitis: Relief from, Folk cure.

This article is about non-bacterial prostatitis. This article is intended as a homeopathic or folk medicine type of prostatitis symptom relief, until the medical community gets its act together.

Empirical observation: Eating several handfuls of dried apricots daily and having eaten a gingersnap cookie several hours before pissing gradually decreases the flow restriction part of prostatitis. I have no experience with other symptoms of prostatitis. After having used this dietary modification for several weeks, eating a gingersnap cookie provides relief within minutes.

The following personal demographic data is provided for effectiveness comparison: male, age 54, weight 250#, height 74", single, celibate, bachelor, full-time student, non-drinker, non-smoker, regular caffeine and folk-style root beer consumption.

Pros`ta*ti"tis (?), n. [NL. See Prostate, and -itis.] Med.

Inflammation of the prostate.


© Webster 1913.

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