Psylocibin also spelt psylocybin or psylocybine is the active chemical in Magic Mushrooms. Similar both chemically and subjectively to LSD, this powerful psychedelic works to stimulate the production of 5HT in the central nervous system.

Dosages of Psylocibin differ greatly from those of LSD in that you are required to consume Milligrams of the chemical as opposed to Micrograms. To those who have tried neither 'Shrooms nor LSD, it may sound as though Psylocibin is a weaker drug, for this very reason. However subjectively both can be equally fun, and equally dangerous. Both chemicals are non-toxic to the body. Both produce a remarkable, short term effect on the mind. But remember what you are risking when you munch 'em - ie the permenant triggering of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Hey, I'm not saying don't take them. I'd be a hypocrite if I said that. But don't let anyone tell you that shrooms are any safer. I know from experience that they can cause as much damage as LSD ever has done. Just Say Know ;)

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