"Red Planet" is a game played in pods run by Virtual World Entertainment. Eight players at a time race through the canals of Mars, killing each other by ramming people into walls. Expensive fun.

Red Planet is another novel by Robert Heinlein. It is about a boy who befriends a strange Martian creature.
Set on a Mars very unlike the one that exists in our world.

A film by Antony Hoffman staring Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, Terence Stamp, Benjamin Bratt, Simon Baker and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Six astronauts set out for mars to see what went wrong with a terraforming project that is the last hope for mankind. Due to a massive multiple failures the men crash land on mars, and the woman remains in the stranded orbital vehicle. While on mars they learn something very interesting …..

Red Planet is also a record label, from Detroit. It has been hailed as one of the most influential labels in electronic music in the past ten years by Detroit Techno followers. The mastermind behind Red Planet is this one guy called 'The Martian', whose real name is Will Thomas. Various well-know electronic music artists has appeared on Red Planet releases, for example Juan Atkins, Drexciya and Eddie Fowlkes.

Red Planet has released 9 ep's and one cd. Label graphics and song names (for example "Journey to the Martian Polar Cap", "WindWalker", "StarDancer") are mostly related to Mars, space and Martians who seem to be green men, not forgetting the mythology of native americans. There's also rumor going on that Will Thomas is not a real person, but it would be alias of one Mike Banks, well known owner of Underground Resistance label.

Since Red Planet ep's don't have actual names, I will list the tracks with label matrix numbers.Discography:

RP1 - Meet the Red Planet / Lost Transmissions From Earth / The Intruder 12"

RP2 - Stardancer / Cosmic Movement 12"

RP3 - Sex In Zero Gravity / Ultraviolet Images / 808 (Surface Temperature mix) 12"

RP4 - Journey To The Martian Polar Cap / Search Your Feelings / Visual Contact 12"

RP5 - Wardance / Season of the Solar Wind / Base Station 303 / Skypainter / Spontaneous Lifeform 2x12"

RP6 - Ghostdancer / Medicine Man / Martian Probes Over Montana / Starchild / The Vanishing Race / The Talking Rocks of Mars / Windwalker 2x12"

RP7 - Firekeeper / Vortexual Conceptions 12"

RP8 - Particle Shower / The Voice Of Grandmother 12"

RP9 - Prayer Stick / Prayer Stick (Trans-electric) / Dream Dancing 12"

RP10 - Red Planet - A Red Planet Compilation CD

RP11 - Revenge of The Wolf / Pow Wow (Fancy Dancer Mix)

OCEAN 2 - Red Planet - Skypainter (24x36 Poster)

"The Red Planet will appear only when your mind is open"

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