Note: Transcribed from recorded notes created on audio tape between June 5, 2002 and June 6, 2002. Editor notes in italics.

Wednesday: Wednesday night, 9:57pm according to the car stereo clock. Heading back now. Bag of cash in trunk, maybe fifteen-hundred, with the gun.

I'm finally starting to breathe normally again. YES! In and out in less than five minutes, I think, and already I've made great time to the border. Been about 15 since I did it, but should be about an hour away yet though.

Didn't really want to hit the guy, but really he gave me no frikkin' choice. He- he didn't see it coming at least. Just a quick little (clapping noise once) smack on the side of the face made him hurry up. Can't stop t'count the money quite yet either, but from what I saw that store was keeping more than just the fucking minimum amount of cash on hand. Huh.

(sound of tape clicking off and back on) Ten, 10:03pm Wednesday. Gonna do this right, from the beginning. Decided on Sunday of last week that I was going to go on a solo raid - listen to me, I sound professional already! Huh! - mission? Is that better? Anyways, I was going to head down alone this week and see if I could rob a store somewhere for some cash. Seemed like it should have been, uh, complicated at first, but it all fell into place. Easier to do it on my own, too. Less people equals less problems. Simple. I came down-- oh.

(click off and on) I checked a map of the area in Buffalo first to see what areas could be, uh, raided easily from the highway. I picked one, and made a simple plan. The simpler the better, I guess. Came down here Wednesday, uh, around 8am. Drove the neighbourhood. Found a little automotive store that stayed open until 10pm during the week. That was, uh, my target.

Drove about a half hour west of the spot and stole a pair of license plates. BHG, 1 something something I think. Duct taped them infront of my plates. Waited 'til dark, drove back. Watched as the traffic, uh, traffic in the store died down more and more. Must have been around 9:30 when I pulled the mask and ran in.

(tape off and on) 10:10. Ran straight up to the front desk area, shouted. "The cash now, no one dies!" or something like that. Fuck, I could have been, y'know, could have been more like in a, uh, movie! Coulda been cooler! (awkward laughter) Had the gun out infront of me, hope I looked like I knew what I was doing with it. Sort of waved it at the clerk, uh, up at his face. Probably about 17, maybe 18. He didn't move, so I moved him. Quick (clapping noise once) shot to the jaw. He didn't fall down, uh, right down to the floor but he went on one knee. Like he was stunned or something, uh, must been hurt or something. He got up fast enough though, gave him the bag and he went under the desk. Told him, "better make it three grand, or I'll come back, motherfucker." I never fuckin' say "motherfucker!" What the hell? (laughter, more confident)

Wasn't too aware of anyone else in the store. Some old guy walked in the door about a minute in, ran right back out. Uh, probably about sixty years old, uh... (pause, sound of tapping on the steering wheel) maybe fifty or sixty. Didn't matter, he wouldn't get anywhere fast enough. (another pause, sound of car window opening and closing) Kid tosses the bag back over the desk at me, can hear the change when it hits. Kid seemed more afraid now than when I first came in. Maybe thought I was, uh, I was gonna kill him after I got the cash. Lucky for him the gun wasn't loaded. Huh. Then I, oh. Decided then that, oh wait. (pause)

When I ran into the store, I knocked a display over to get their attention. Knocked over a bunch of bottles of something. They scattered around the floor, must gonna, uh, gonna be a piss-off to clean those up afterwards! Must be about 2 thousand in that bag, must be.

(clicking off and on) After I grabbed the bag, the clerk dropped another wad of cash on the desk. From the till, I guess. Looking at the fuckin' kid, had a smile on his face, a grin, smile on his face! Fucker! Blood on his chin and everything from the hit and yet he fuckin' smiles at me as I leave! Too damn funny. Hope the camera caught that, maybe they'll think him and his friends, were, uh, were in on it. Coming up to the border now, 10:28.

(Clicking sounds off and on. Sound of rustling, the recorder in a jacket pocket or being moved under a blanket. More clicking) Yes. Yes. Canadian, ma'am. Just a few hours, today. No, (unintelligible)... thank you. Thank you.

(clicking) With all the (sarcastic) "terrorism", too fucking easy for a white male to get over the border. Huh. After I was out of the store, drove about a dozen blocks away, dumped the mask and the stolen plates, and started driving up here. Heading home, done for the night. (Sound of music louder, then click off)

Thursday: Got a great sleep last night. Parked the car around the block for the night, just in case. More paranoid last night than this morning. Nothing to worry about. Uh, had breakfast and, uh and... (pause) had breakfast and then brought the car around. Grabbed the gun and the money. Counted it this morning. One thousand, one hundred and forty dollars, two cents. Not nearly as much as I, uh, as I thought there would be, but seriously worth it.

(clicking off and on) 9:38am. About 12 hours later, still rushin'. And gonna do it again next week, I think. Uh, maybe... maybe two weeks. Gonna try a whole new area, though. Ain't fuckin' stupid. And... been thinking about that kid, though. Shouldn't have hit him, although he'll be fine. Shouldn't have had to hit him, I guess. (pause). I, uh. Uh, um. Wonder what he'll do now. I wouldn't fuckin' be going back to work after a night like that, not after getting all hit up like that. But the fucker smiled. Maybe it's happened to him before. Shouldn't have hit him.

(clicking off and on) Thursday, 1:28pm. Conclusion. Armed robbery was way, way, way too easy. Didn't have to be violent, but looking back it made things go more easily. Will do it again soon enough, this should last me, uh, should last about a month's time.

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