Artist: Sense Field
Album: Tonight and Forever
Title: Save Yourself
Length: 3:18

You may have heard this song on the radio recently, for it is currently Sense Field's most popular song, that is, in the radio airtime sense of the word. When I first heard it, I was stunned, just by the sheer emotion that John Bunch (vocals) manages to cram into the lyrics. In case you were wondering, and couldn't tell by just reading through the lyrics, the song is about finding that one special person that is right for you, your soul mate.

The music video for this song is almost as amazing as the song, in that it really captures the essence of the underlying message. It starts with a young woman, working in a small cubicle like office. In an adjacent office, there is a young man, who can't help but admire the woman. Later, you see the woman meeting the man in a bar. Then, for most of the rest of the video, you see the two dancing, and the band singing. The best part of the video though, is at the very end, where you see the couple kiss, then the image fades, leaving you with a shot of the man, once again admiring the woman from his office, as if nothing had happened.

Artist: Stabbing Westward
Album: Darkest Days
Title: Save Yourself
Length: 4:12

While this song shares the same name as a song by Sense Field, Stabbing Westward takes a slightly different approach as to what the song is about. This particular song is more about being alone. It has a kind of "get the hell away from me, I need my space" mood to it.

The video for this song also takes a very different approach than the afore mentioned Sense Field video. In this video, which you may have seen on Much Music T.V., the band is really just playing/singing/doing their thing in a basement (kind of) room, with a bunch of depressed looking people walking around. There are a few almost-nude shots, but nothing really offensive.

There you have it, two very different songs, with two every different accompanying videos, that happen to share the same name. As for my review of each, I can't express in words how emotional and amazing Sense Field's version is, and the video simply puts it over the top. You should go out and buy their CD (Tonight and Forever), if only for this song, or, if you're a cheapskate, at least download the song, because everyone should hear it. Stabbing Westward's version is an okay song, although a little bleak in it's message. The video for it, however, is a little less than spectacular, in fact, all the band really did was stand around and play the song... oh well, it's still an alright bad mood song.

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