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Alvis Scorpion Light Tank

Manufactured by Alvis Limited (UK), The Scorpion Light Tank (or FV101) was first introduced into service with different aspects of the British Armed Forces in 1973. It was needed to replace the out-dated Saladin armoured car. It is made almost entirely of aluminium, which makes it exceptionally light and very quick. It did (and I believe still does) hold the world record for the fastest tank. To give you an idea of how light it is for it’s size, it’s been said that a Scorpion Tank has less ground pressure than a ballerina.

It’s main turret gun is a 76mm, capable of firing High Explosive rounds, Armour Piercing rounds and Smoke Rounds. The turret also had a 7.62mm Machine Gun, operated from the turret, and commonly used to lay down covering fire or attack advancing enemy infantry. Several smoke grenade dischargers are placed around the tank, so that if needed it could quickly be obscured by smoke and make a swift escape if things get too heavy. To the left of the main 76mm gun is a box containing a night vision scope, from which the tank commander could view enemy movements in the dark.

The tank has Caterpillar tracks on either side, and is fully amphibious, allowing it to cross almost any type of terrain. Because the Scorpion is so light it was much less likely to get stuck in difficult terrain. These features made the tank very popular with units who specialised in quick-deploying tactics, such as TALO.

More than 3, 500 have been built for the British and other Nations, however the Scorpion Light Tank was disbanded from service in the British Armed forces in 1994, due to problems with the turret. However the body was kept, only the turret was changed, and from the body spawned several other models of tanks, most still in service; Scorpion 90, Stricker, Spartan, Stormer, Streaker, Samson, Samaritan, Sultan, Scimitar and Sabre.

Technical Specifications:

    Engine: Jaguar J60 4.2L 6-Cylinder Petrol. 190bhp @ 4,750rpm
    Maximum Road Speed: 80.5 kph
    Fuel Capacity: 423L
    Armament: 1x 76mm, 1x 7.62mm MG (coaxial), 2x 4 Smoke Grenade Dischargers
    Combat Weight: 8, 073kg
    Length: 4.794 m
    Width: 2.235 m
    Height: 2.102
    Armour: Classified
    Crew: 3

Specs takes from www.clubi.ie/exalted/scorpion.htm

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