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Usagi wa? Usagi wa?

Sensitive Pornograph is a really delightful yaoi creation by Phoenix Entertainment. It features very little plot, preferring instead to indulge in massive quantities of quasi-meaningless sex. It is divided into two halves: in the first, a mangaka (manga artist) named Seiji Yamada falls in love with fellow mangaka, Sono Hanasaki, whom he mistakes for a girl but is really a boy. Sex, necessarily, ensues; indeed, it must be noted that the story does not begin this way: instead, it begins with more sex, followed by the titles, followed by the actual beginning of the so-called plot. Strife follows, quickly followed by moodily-lit sex.

Part two is slightly sillier, involving a bondagey-master-type foisting a sex slave named Aki off on a college student named Ueno Koji in a complicated sleight-of-hand involving a fictional pet rabbit. This is done without any real motive on the master's part. Indeed, as the pair (the college student and the sex slave, not the college student and the bondagey-master-type) immediately enjoy a session of passionate lovemaking, prompting the sex slave to throw off his chains and finally defy his master in a brutal off-screen confrontation, it seems that the bondagey-master-type is probably a real idiot. At the end, the sex slave is revealed to be enrolled at Ueno's college. That's basically it.

Sensitive Pornograph is available in uncensored and censored versions. The latter version is not the slightest bit popular, for two reasons. One, you don't buy this stuff for the writing. Two, it's the rare yaoi production that shows explicit sex: genitals are nearly always blurred, rendered bizarrely invisible, or hidden through careful camera angles. The production values are high and most video transfers reflect that. Also notable is the strong voice acting and generally interesting writing, although since I've never heard an English dub, I'm not sure why there are eight voice actors for four characters. Maybe they have stunt voice doubles for the moaning...?

Cast, part one:
Kenichi Suzumura and Masanobu Nakami as Yamada Seiji
Kishô Taniyama and Kinosuke Mitsuoka as Sono Hanasaki

Cast, part two:
Nobuyuki Hiyama and Eiji Gotake as Aki
Shinji Kawada Tsuneyoshi Shikura as Ueno Koji

Production notes:
Original manga/dialogue: Ashika Sakura
Character design: Takepon
Japanese producers: Phoenix Entertainment
English distributors: Kitty Media

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