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Unlike many people, I have a completely computer literate dad. When buying anything even vaguely computer related, he is the man to consult. He built every computer in our house, with the exception of my brand-spanking-new laptop, and he has been building them since computers had less memory than a Game Boy. I distinctly remember computer bits lying all over our living room when I was little, as well as the time he’d had a bit too much to drink and my computer started emitting sparks when he tried to install a new graphics card.

My brother has inherited this obsession with computers, and quite often, our dinner table conversations consist of them trying to convince each other exactly why they need a £94, 24” computer monitor or huge graphics card which would make their games so precise and clear that it would burn their eyeballs out.

I, on the other hand, do not have this nack. I am the sort of person who is capable, but doesn’t talk about these things. Maybe it’s a female thing, I don’t know, but I could never summon up enthusiasm about a ‘network range extender’ or my new found ability to touch type, which astounded my dad so much, as I’m sure he was under the impression I couldn’t find a keyboard if one was thrown at me.

It is a great thing to have a dad who can build you a computer, don’t get me wrong, but it can be exceedingly annoying at times. He is also a perfectionist, so when something goes a little wrong, he tends not to stop fiddling with the computer until it works exactly how it should. You would have thought, after all these years, he would have learnt that computers tend to never work exactly how they should. For example, last night, my brother wanted to print his coursework, but his computer wouldn’t connect to the printer on the network. He then spent three hours trying to get them to connect, which was all well and good, except it took until 1am. He could have just got my brother to email him the file, but in his words, ‘What’s the point of the network if it doesn’t work?’ So true, and yet not getting anything printed. My first question tends to be ‘Does it work?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Right, let me use it.’

However, there comes a time when the lowly mortal which is myself gets to show the computer Zeus that is my dad up. There comes a time where my youth pays off for something. Last week, I had the immense task of introducing my parents to instant messaging, with the added difficulty of it being after they’d had a few bottles of wine. Suddenly, I was the person telling them what to do. Suddenly, it was my name my mum was screeching across the house (she’s lovely, but man, does she screech). There was a great feeling of satisfaction about this, but not so much as telling my dad that ‘I know that should work, but it’s not doing it, so do this instead.’

It’s petty, but for once, I didn’t feel half like the computer idiot everyone thinks I am. No more will anyone express surprise at my typing speed, or God forbid, that I know html, or even that I know how to use Windows Photodraw, which is the weirdest piece of photo technology in existence. And it feels good.

Day Two

Strattera, Day Three:

The heartburn is about as it was yesterday, not as bad as the first two days. Perhaps it's good that my doctor suggested I take some 40mg samples and take one a day for four days (today's the last day for that) and then actually go to my prescription of 80mg a day. I'm getting eased into it.

I think I'm noticing my memory slightly better. Like this morning: since my wife is pregnant with twins, she's "eating for three," as it were. So she has to have a mighty lunch. Since I usually pack the lunches in the morning, I had to remember not only her main course, but a tupperware of watermelon slices, one with grapes, a yogurt cup, several waters, and a spoon. I remembered all of them and it was quickly packed. No, "Shoot, I forgot..." or "Wait, did I remember everything?"

So that was quite a list of things. I don't usually remember such a list so well without it being written down without forgetting one or two things or taking an inordinate amount of time to think about it.

That's all I have to report today. Sorry it's another short one. Unfortunately I won't be able to report tomorrow, probably not even Sunday because of how my weekend looks.

Days 4, 5, and 6 >>

e2 is sexier than I ever imagined. While working on my current project for a pretty cool piece of advertising technology, I discovered the joy that is Google's Adwords:Keywords tool. With it you can type in any site to discover what search words their algorithm thinks would likely point to that site.

So, I pointed it here. Check the stuff near the end. (?!)

Seriously my favorite part must be the chain "ponygirl --> japan porn --> handjob --> martha stewart paint --> french swear words." How marvelous is this technology?


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See for yourself at http://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

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