Shadow People are the big topic on Art Bell lately and appear to be a sort of mix between ghosts and the grey alien visitors. These beings are supposedly humanoid in shape, but appear either as completely black shadows or are dressed in very dark robes that look like shadows. These creatures also feature bright, glowing red eyes.

According to his own words, Art Bell received upwards of 4500 e-mail messages regarding these creatures after his announcement of having seen some of them at approximately the end of March, 2001.

These reports are a mixed bag, some stating that the creatures appear and communicate while appearing at least non-hostile if not friendly. Others tell of these creatures appearing and purposely frightening their victims.

On April 12, 2001 Art Bell interviewed Thunder Strikes, a shaman, who claims that according to Twisted Hair prophecy, these creatures are part of, by being either harbingers, protectors or destroyers, a new world time that we have moved into called the Quickening, which started at midnight, January 1, 2000. By August 7, 2012, the same year as the end of the Mayan calendar, humanity is supposedly going to transform into a fully mature race with individual, autonomous freedom. He also claims that according to his elders, there are 11 human- habited worlds in our galaxy and the shadow people exist in a parallel dimension. His studies and prophecies have told him that humans are "speeding up" as we approach this date and as our metabolism increases we are completing the shadow people and enabling them to appear.

They have also been referred to as inorganic beings who feed in a vampiristic sense off humans' emotional chaos and are believed to also be conscious and sentient.

Shadow creatures are a fascinating subject. I've been a panelist at several sci-fi conventions where shadow people/ghosts were the topic. Some spooky stuff there....

Once, when I was around 15, my friend Dewey was staying over. We woke up and were making up the two beds, talking about TRS-80 programming things when we saw something black appear out of nowhere between the beds and fall towards the floor. I could see Dewey's face and eyes tracking the same object. We both looked and there was nothing on the floor. We looked up at each other and said simultaneously, "Did you see that?"

Both of us thought it was a misshapen bat. There was nowhere for it to go since both box springs were on the floor. It appeared, fell, and disappeared again...and we both saw it.

We were both rather freaked out.

My second shadow creature story took place years later when I married and had three kids. This thing we named Un. It lived in my oldest daughter's room in one corner of the ceiling. Every time the dogs went into her room they would sit down and just stare at that corner. Her room was always colder than the rest of the house by at least ten degrees, quite noticible. My daughter started seeing a young boy, around five or six years of age, almost daily. Un followed us to several houses until one time it apparently got lost on a cross-country move

Can't say they exist, but I can't say they don't (or are maybe poking into our dimension to see what the weird stupid organisms are doing this week).

Back in the latter end of the 1970s I used to live in Norwich. Not Norwich, Connecticut nor Vermont or Ontario or Massachusetts, but the orginal ancient city in England's East Anglia. It's a cathedral city with old, old winding streets and lokes and secret hidden places and it felt like it was just packed with history, not all of which was good..

I lived about a half-hour shortcut walk from the cinema where I worked in the evenings. It could be a pretty little trek during the day, but at night it was more about being careful because it was bloody dark and some of those alleys were treacherous cobblestone. The walk took me through a part of the old city known as Tombland, the old centre of the city where the markets took place. Set between the cathedral and the castle it was the convergence of so many of these streets and shadowy ginnels.

Those back alleys were dark and they were narrow, with the old high buildings either side huddled together against the walls of the Cathedral Close on one hand and the ancient pubs and whatnot on the other. The one I chose to walk to save me a few minutes ran between Saint Faith's Lane and the Samson and Hercules (a faintly reputable nightclub at the time, with a connection to Shakespeare's Falstaff).


This particular evening was nothing special, just your average summer evening as I recall. It was late, close to midnight and I was pretty tired. In this alley was a point just before the end where the walls narrowed, the back of one building bulging rudely into the thoroughfare, and also the point where the spill of a streetlight lit the space. As I walked up toward Tombland this night, and approached this point I was distracted by what appeared to be a dog, nothing too unusual there. Except that this dog was walking on its hind legs and had a round head. I stopped. Of course I stopped. The dog-thing also stopped and turned to look at me. I had a fleeting moment to look at it. It resembled a child, but the skin was wrinkled and shiny. It was naked, with long skinny hands. It resembled my image of the ghoul from Pickman's Model. I swear that it pulled a scornful face in that moment; we were both frozen to the spot for a second or two before it turned back to its previous trajectory and walked into the wall on the other side. It walked into the wall and it vanished.

It took me a moment to get the courage to walk, even briskly, past that point and into the light of the modern city, all the while wondering if I'd witnessed something coming out of a hellgate or weird dimension.

I have to say at this point that, like Rancid Pickle, I don't believe in such things. Not in ghosts, not in angels, not in demons, and certainly not in ghoulish creatures that can walk out of one wall and into another. Of course I went back in daylight to examine the scene, and naturally I found nothing unusual. Just two old walls bounding a narrow alley at the back of ancient cathedral grounds in a city renowned for being horribly haunted.

But for all my attempts to convince myself I'd just had a moment of over-tired imagination you can bet it was a shortcut I never took again.



I realise this is the third time in a month I've told this story in the context of my "not believing in supernatural stuff".

If you believe in ghosts or demons etc. You might believe my story of seeing shadow people. My first experience would be when I was a very young boy, my family and I were living in a rather haunted house built probably in the 18th or 19th century. It had something to do with a doctor and his wife, I believe it was his office/home or just his office. So it comes to no surprise that I saw a woman at that house, very possibly the wife?

I do not have all the answers however I wish that I did,but any way on with the story. I was laying down in my bed, when I decided I was going to pull my Iron man sheet over my head, I did so for some reason and since my sheet was so thin, it was see through, and for whatever reason I decided to look around my room through the sheet. Little did I know that I was going to see a woman with me in my room, this woman was neither comforting nor terrifying 'cause, I thought it could have been my mom watching me to make sure I was asleep.

Boy was I wrong, I just decided to sleep. Maybe it was out of fear I can't really tell you, but I can tell you that, the lady was short with long hair, I cannot describe her features as she only appeared as a shadow, with my night light illuminating everything around my room. But this woman was a shadow as far as I could see, however she did not seem violent but she didn't calm or like anything, she was still as a statue, but still I managed to sleep the whole thing off.

Thankfully I don't often see these people or things often but, there are times where I swear I see shadows go by, just like the time I was playing on my Xbox about 3 years ago. I was in my living room just a few inches from my TV, with the window on my left. If you go that window and look out to the left you will see the sliding garage door, so when I saw out of the corner of my eye someone go past the window in that direction, I was baffled to see that it was gone as soon as I investigated. There was no way that if anything was really there it would have just disappeared.

It is impossible physically, which is why I believe that this could have been a shadow person because as far as we know they are not physical, at least not to us. This last time was the same however it took place inside of the garage, my mom was not home and I wanted my clothes washed so, I decided I was going to do it by myself (for the first time without being advised.) I walked into my garage already not being able to find the light switch, but I just let the sunlight illuminate the room as much as possible. While I was looking for the washer switch I saw the same flash out the corner of my eye.

A shadow which looked like a person seemed to be present in the room with me, with my first initial thought I thought it was my older brother popping in to see how I was doing, that was false and when I turned to face it, MF disappeared. This caused me to panic and run out with my basket in hand and decided to wait. I guess it's better I didn't though because I'm too lazy to put them away when they get washed. This was a low effort-ish write up because I'm currently working on a book series about a zombie named Billy, who raises from his casket, after dying in a
terrible accident, when he preformed a stunt in front of his drunk friends while being drunk himself. Shout out to London.

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