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Shadow People are the big topic on Art Bell lately and appear to be a sort of mix between ghosts and the grey alien visitors. These beings are supposedly humanoid in shape, but appear either as completely black shadows or are dressed in very dark robes that look like shadows. These creatures also feature bright, glowing red eyes.

According to his own words, Art Bell received upwards of 4500 e-mail messages regarding these creatures after his announcement of having seen some of them at approximately the end of March, 2001.

These reports are a mixed bag, some stating that the creatures appear and communicate while appearing at least non-hostile if not friendly. Others tell of these creatures appearing and purposely frightening their victims.

On April 12, 2001 Art Bell interviewed Thunder Strikes, a shaman, who claims that according to Twisted Hair prophecy, these creatures are part of, by being either harbingers, protectors or destroyers, a new world time that we have moved into called the Quickening, which started at midnight, January 1, 2000. By August 7, 2012, the same year as the end of the Mayan calendar, humanity is supposedly going to transform into a fully mature race with individual, autonomous freedom. He also claims that according to his elders, there are 11 human- habited worlds in our galaxy and the shadow people exist in a parallel dimension. His studies and prophecies have told him that humans are "speeding up" as we approach this date and as our metabolism increases we are completing the shadow people and enabling them to appear.

They have also been referred to as inorganic beings who feed in a vampiristic sense off humans' emotional chaos and are believed to also be conscious and sentient.

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