An alcoholic beverage unique to English speakers in Korea, this drink probably owes at least some of its popularity to the fact that native bartenders and patrons usually don't understand the idiom that gives it its unique flavor. The drink is believed to have originated with a small company of soldiers, but spread rapidly, owing to the insular nature of English speakers in Korea, and their tendency to congregate in small, highly concentrated areas.

The drink is made as follows:

It is rarely ordered for oneself, unless someone is trying to get particularly drunk, and taking advantage of the fact that bartenders in Korea rarely charge by the alcohol that went into the mixed drink. Usually, the drink will be ordered for a particularly obnoxious drunk or mid-drunk, as a way of 'putting them down'. It is not, by any wild stretch of the imagination, a tasty drink, probably owing to the massive amount of 151, the Devil's Own Alcohol.

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