Simon Posford is an English techno DJ, musician and producer. Like so many techno artists, he has recorded under a variety of different band names and in many collaborations.

However, his most prolific and successful 'bands' have been as the psychedelic trance band Hallucinogen, and later with Raja Ram as the ambient/world music/electronic/funkadelic/hypercomplex weirdity that is Shpongle. Both of these are excellent - Hallucinogen as mid-90's dance/trip music, and Shpongle's wonderful albums Are you shpongled? and Tales of the inexpressible for trip/listening.

Simon Posford is the driving force behind Twisted records, on which will be found most of his output. The exception is the earlier records, such as Hallucinogen's L.S.D. (You may be noticing a trend to these names...), which is on Dragonfly records. He records at Hallucinogen sound labs in Dorset.

A trademark that recurs in his tracks is the use of human speech, but not easily identifiable English. The speech is often very distorted but identifiable, shredded into fragements, woven into a babbling texture, or is clearly articulated gibberish.

This IMHO reaches a high point on the Shpongle track Divine Moments of Truth, where human voices are heared uttering several non-language sounds, and a curously flat voice intones "DMT DMT Divine Moments of Truth": This is in fact a speech synthesis program. That is, the only intelligible voice is not a human one.

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