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Released in february 2002 on the Twisted Records label, The Unusual Suspects(TWCD14) is a collection of psychedelic trance music selected by Simon Posford of Hallucinogen and Shpongle fame.

Interestingly though unsurprisingly, if you go see Hallucinogen live, you will probably hear many of the tracks on this cd. I counted at least four in the gig at the DNA lounge on december 7 2001.

track listing:
1. younger brother 'the finger'
2. dsp 'have a good time (all the time)'
3. twisted allstars 'blue sky on mars'
4. tristan 'fortean times'
5. the good the bad & the ugly 'mescalito' (synthetic remix)
6. prometheus ' mekong delta'
7. fly agaric 'i see myself'
8. younger brother 'dwarves' (main mix)
9. shpongle 'dorset perception' (total eclipse remix)

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