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Poeta Magica is a Germany-based medieval music group. The musical and creative motor of the group, Holger E. Funke, lives in Dexbach together with his wife Frederike, also a Poeta Magica member. Other members have varied extensively from album to album, and a listing would be further muddled by collaboration with other well-known medieval and folk musicians, like Johnny Robels, Elster Silberflug and Petronius Paternoster.

A discography of Poeta Magica, current as of spring 2002:
Minne, Mystik, Meistersang (1994)
Vox Salica (1995, MC only)
In Taberna...mori (1996)
Raben, Runen, Raukar (1997)
Ferox (1999)
Ragnar (April 2001)

Besides playing medieval music, Poeta Magica also reenact medieval arts and crafts, as well as providing heralds, stilt walkers etc for medieval festivals, fares and other events. They have participated in the Medeltidsveckan, the yearly medieval week of Wisby each time for the last eight or so years, as well as touring most of Scandinavia and Germany each year.

Poeta Magica claim (and probably rightly so) to play the most instruments of any historical ensemble. They include:
Bowed instruments: Nyckelharpa (eight models), Moraharpa, Trumscheit.
String instruments: Celtic harp, hurdy-gurdy, Renaissance lute, Renaissance Cister.
Bagpipes: Gaita, Gallega & Asturian, Bulg, Borderpipe, Flämish bagpipe, Gaita Ecosse, Cornish Pipe, Glastonbury Pipe, Bechonnet, Medieval bagpipe.
Wood instruments: Shawn, Pommer, Bombarde, Nagaswaram, Flutes, Rauschpfeife, Fujara.
Percussion: Davul, Zarb, Bendir, Def, Darbuka, Pauke.

The sleeves of Ferox, Raben Runen Raukar and In Taberna...mori helped greatly with this writeup, as well as www.poetamagica.de

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