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This is a song by Ween, from the album The Pod.

This is fast and sorta angry, and kooky. It also more closely resembles an actual SONG than most of their musical rambles on this album. It has musical structure and rhythm and all that, and a discernable melody (though it also does not lend itself well to being sung really).

A lyric sample:

I saw van Winkle show up on the scene.
I can't remember when I saw that's he's been doing all the
sketches of Winkle.
Crying to the heavens in a fit of rage.
Sketches of Winkle.
Keeping little humans locked up in a cage.
Sketches of Winkle.
I think I love her but she don't love me.
Sketches of Winkle.
Why don't she love me, dude?


You can faintly hear someone say "I don't know" after he says "Why don't she love me dude?"

Mentioned in the beginning of this song is a "hot tub of guava," also. Like their song "Licking the Palm for Guava" and then the next album Pure Guava, this song demonstrates their affection for this fruit.

But a "hot tub of guava" sounds disturbing.

"Mean Ween" is also mentioned in this song; he is the guy on the cover of this CD's liner notes.

A highlight of this song is when Gene is heard to yell, "Rip van Winkle. Rip Rip Rip van Winkle!" He rolls his r's delightfully on all the "rips." It is very cute.

This song is © 1991 by Ween, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp/Ver Music/Browndog Music/BMI.

The Pod
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