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For those of you into hardcore music, Symphony In Peril is definitely a band to check out. By hardcore I mean ass-kicking screaming vocals and amazingly heavy guitar riffs.

Sporting the ex lead singer from Zao (Shawn Jonas), and playing for Facedown Records, Symphony In Peril released their sophomore album, The Whore's Trophy on February 15, 2005. This CD is nothing but unique non-stop hardcore guitar riffs, face-smashing vocals, and very deep lyrics. This band is considered to be in the "christian hardcore" genre, although their lyrics do not press the issue of religion at all. You can most definitely hear the similarity in the vocals between early Zao and Symphony In Peril. Following in their parent band Zao's footsteps, Symphony is quickly gaining a large fanbase, especially with their new release which improved greatly since their first release.

Amazing guitar playing coming from lead guitarist, Andy (I could not find these guys' last names anywhere), constant hardcore breakdowns, and in your face, fast paced drumming from Collin, really make this CD.

The lyrics on this cd are fragments and very hard to follow, like a lot of hardcore bands, they seem to write a song on a momentary emotion that quickly fades. An example of their lyrics from their first release entitled "Lost Memoirs and Faded". The song title is "Letting go Would Be an End".

"This moment will bring us there as we drink from each other’s eyes. As I slip further into a tranquil time of abandonment, I find that it would be a relinquished dream not to stay. Within my buried heart there is a fire that is burning with an emotion, unsealed by no other. To let go at this point would be an unforgiving end to this affair. Like a blanketed child I am covered with wings of adoration, it is so warm. these eyes are shut for fear of opening to an end. I know I can’t hold on forever but stay long with me"

Very deep lyrics that most people would not understand, except the avid hardcore fan.

If you want to check out their web page,

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