Being girl (formerly Tlounge), is a website for young teenage girls. Run by Tampax this website tries to be an online version of Seventeen magazine (with user interactivity to boot).

They have articles about menstruation, sex, and boys like you would expect. They also have bulletin boards, and an area for teen girls to submit their own articles.

There is one thing about this website that truly scares me.

Dancing Tampon Screensavers

Thats right they have two different screensavers of animated tampons available for Pc or Mac (what about Unix?). Along with several tampon related Flash animations. Now I don't know about you, but if my daughter was just getting her period, and was nervous about the whole thing, I would have to ease her mind with a "Dancing Tampon Screensaver".

One plus point is that the site is more content than advertisement (who exactly would buy tampons over the internet anyway). One thing I would simply have to wonder is this, how many of the teen girls on their bulletin boards disscussing all of their female issues, are actually 45 year old men named Wayne. (My guess would be half).

They have quite a few funny story headlines such as
Om, mmm, & yum
Periods remedies have never been so much fun--or smelled so good!

You can visit this site at

I do not frequent this website. I Just found this is random nodes and had to see it for myself.

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