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The name of the game means "I Kill Everyone" in english. This tells perfectly what the game is about. There is no story. The game is viewed from above the hero/anti-hero character who walks from place to place to kill people. As the name of the game says, he kills absolutely everyone from nazi's to civilians, and thus the game is completed when everyone else is killed.

Overview of the Game

Tapan Kaikki is a top-down action computer game created by Error Free Software in which the player's character is a mercenary who must kill all his enemies, preferably within the time limit given. Cash is awarded to him for kills and time remaining when he completes a level. Between levels, the player visits a shop where weapons, ammo, and equipment can be bought and sold.

You cannot save the game, and you have no extra lives. If the hero is killed, you have lost, so staying alive is essential. The game has no real storyline, but does provide a victory screen that is seen on completion of an episode.

Tapan Kaikki is quite violent, with enemies bursting into bloody gibs when killed. Enemies that are killed with the flame thrower burst into flames and leave behind only charred bones. These gibs and bones can be kicked aside when your character walks over them.

In some ways this game is like a 2D version of Wolfenstein 3D or Rise of the Triad. Level environments include industrial facilities, deserts, jungles, Nazi fortresses, urban zones, and more. There are some special effects such as dynamic lighting, jets of steam, and dirt that leaves footprints when people walk over it. Locations of enemies and items are different each time you play, adding to the replay value. The game comes with 50 single player levels divided into 5 episodes, and 3 additional deathmatch levels. Players can also create their own levels with the included level editor.

The title is Finnish and translates roughly as "Kill Everyone", "Kill 'em all" or similar. Since Tapan Kaikki is released as freeware, you can freely download it and experience the game for yourself.

Some of the information here may be relevant only to the current version of the game, which is The Ultimate Tapan Kaikki 1.21.

Equipment - Tapan Kaikki contains a useful array of weapons and items to increase your character's killing capability and chances of survival:

  • Fist - You can punch people to death. This is the only weapon you have at the start.
  • Pistol - Your average handgun, not too powerful but still better than the fist.
  • Shotgun - The shotgun is considerably more powerful than the pistol, especially at point blank range. Weaker enemies die in one hit when you are close.
  • Uzi - Fires the same bullets as the pistol, but at a much faster rate. A good weapon to have on the lower levels.
  • Auto Rifle - Very similar to the uzi, but uses larger bullets which cause greater damage. Better than the weapons listed before it, but definately not the best weapon to have.
  • Grenade Launcher - A powerful and useful weapon, the grenade launcher works similarly to the rocket launchers in some other games. Very good to use against the more powerful enemies.
  • Auto Grenadier - This weapon fires small grenades at a fast rate. However, they have much less explosive power than those from the grenade launcher. Its name comes from the original meaning of the word grenadier, someone who throws grenades.
  • Heavy Launcher - Similar to the grenade launcher, but slower. The benifit is that the grenades it fires explode with more devastating force than those used by the grenade launcher.
  • Auto Shotgun - Just like the shotgun, except that it fires much more rapidly. You can really tear through groups of weak enemies with this.
  • Flame Thrower - The flame thrower spews a torrent of flaming gas to incinerate your enemies. It can also light people on fire, causing them to continue taking damage even if you stop shooting them.
  • C4-Activator - This weapon allows you to arm timed C4 explosives which explode after giving you just enough time to escape the blast radius. Deadly if used effectively.
  • Mine Dropper - Allows you to plant land mines that explode when stepped on. Causes severe injury, but it may still require more than one to take out a tough enemy. Mines blow up after a minute or so if no one steps on them.
  • Ammo - There are several varieties of ammo, and each weapon demands a specific type. Ammo types include 9mm bullets, 12mm bullets, shotgun shells, light grenades, medium grenades, heavy grenades, gas, C4 explosives, and mines.
  • Shields - The shields represent additional armor and other defensive equipment. Each shield you have increases your hit points. You can have a maximum of 30 shields, which makes you tough but still quite killable.
  • Target System - This item gives you a laser sighting that allows you to see where you are aiming and what the range of your current weapon is.
  • Energy - The little first aid kits scattered in the levels restore your hit points. You can't buy these in the shop, since your health is automatically restored between levels.

Enemies - There are several types of enemies in Tapan Kaikki as well, and you will find that they use many of the same weapons that you do:

  • Civilian - These people don't try to fight you at all. They are not very intelligent and will gladly stand still while you unload bullets into them.
  • Pistol Boy - The weakest of all armed enemies, the Pistol Boys carry pistols and are not very tough.
  • Shotgun Maniac - Fat guys in red hunting caps, Shotgun Maniacs attack with shotguns.
  • Uzi Rebel - They are armed with uzis and shave their heads. Still relatively weak, but you don't want to face one unprepared.
  • Commando - Tough, fast moving soldiers with auto rifles. For some reason their skin is a shade of grey that doesn't look quite human.
  • Grenade Gay - It may not be politically correct, but that's really what they are called. They have prominent shoulder mounted grenade launchers which they can use to devastating effect. Try to sneak up and kill them before they can fire.
  • Flamer - These enemies carry flame throwers and will attack you relentlessly with them. Their flame throwers explode when they are killed. They are very dangerous at close range, so kill them from as far away as possible.
  • Punisher - These heavily armored men tote auto shotguns and are sometimes considered the most dangerous enemy in the game. Be prepared to kill them quickly or you will take a beating.

The Ultimate Tapan Kaikki 1.21

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