Legendary Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, now a FOX sports commentator and long-distance service pitchman.

The Louisiana Tech alumnus was chosen first overall in the 1970 NFL draft, and was a starter for the Steelers by 1971. He wore jersey #12 for the Steelers.

In 1972, Bradshaw threw the Immaculate Reception in a game against the Raiders, one of the most fanmous plays in NFL playoff history.

The Steelers of his era features the infamous Steel Curtain defensive line and a strong running game. Coupled with the threat of Terry's cannon of an arm, the Steelers presented an almost unstoppable threat as terry's game and play-calling matured. (Unlike some quarterbacks who get plays called in by the coach, Terry ran his own games.)

Terry Bradshaw led the Steelers to 4 SuperBowl victories in 1975, 1976, 1979 and 1980. He was twice named SuperBowl MVP, and was the regular season MVP in 1978. Bradshaw retired from professional football in 1983. He was named to the football Hall of Fame in 1989.

As a commentator, Bradshaw is known for his offbeat humour. On the FOX pre-game with host James Brown, he and his colleagues present a fast-paced, entertaining show which is relatively light on analysis but is correspondingly more fun for the casual viewer. Terry won a Sports Emmy Award as Outstanding Sports Personality/Analyst in 1999.

In 2003, Bradshaw publicly admitted to battling clinical depression for much of his life, most of it undiagnosed. (More information is available on a website sponsored by the ant-depressant maker Paxil, http://www.terryandricky.com/.)

Bradshaw also has a thriving horse breeding business.

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